Your CLARITY Score shows your firm’s current ability to thrive focusing on the three key areas of people, process and clients.

Provides guidance and tips to help you get the money, time and freedom you want, and can help your clients get too!


Having the right Leadership, Culture, Execution and Communication ensures everyone is aligned and the right things get done by the right people to become a GreenLine firm.


The Strategy, Finance and Technology within your accounting firm enable you and your team to deliver the same great repeatable results built around a business model that generates money and saves time.


Knowing your ideal client, understanding clearly what they want and need and providing a great client experience and service are essential for the firm, and your clients, to thrive.

Here's what our customers have to say

Graeme Tennick

Within just two weeks I had spoken to six clients and generated an additional £42,000 gross recurring revenue, at no extra cost!

Melanie Schroeder

Easy insight into the essential drivers of any business. It’s a springboard for having important conversations with your clients that will help them grow or maintain their income.

Wayne Bastian

This is definitely the gateway into having a closer relationship with your clients and the advisory space.

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